NFC Reading

Idea created by knightman on May 2, 2018
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    NFC is starting to see significant growth with smart product labeling and smart packaging for Connected Things projects. With NFC tags now being put into product labels and packaging, connecting those products to a personalized digital experience, the environmental impact of NFC tags also needs to be considered. With the adoption of NFC, and its benefits, businesses are expressing an increased desire for environmentally friendly NFC tags. Many brands and distributors, such as Amazon and Apple, are looking for ways to make their labels and packaging as green as possible to meet corporate and government sustainability goals.

    Already, employees at Apple’s new campus in Cupertino, Calif., are using their iPhones to gain access to buildings and offices, suggesting that the technology has been deployed there, people familiar with the matter said.


    Green NFC? The Future of Environmentally Friendly NFC Tags is Here - GoToTags


    It would be nice if FileMaker can add script "insert from device" can read NFC tags.

    Background App access

    The second possibility here is that Apple will allow a scan of an NFC tag (either active or passive) to ‘wake’ the iPhone and automatically launch the appropriate App. This is vital in terms of improving usability and in the instance of hotel doors, would clearly allow quicker and more user friendly access.