Extend Status Functions with Optional WindowName Parameter

Idea created by arnoldkegebein on May 14, 2018
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    The Idea

    Add an optional parameter for the window name to status function related to window position and window size.



    Currently functions like Get( WindowTop ) or Get( WindowDesktopWidth ) will return values for the current window. Sometimes it would be great if the function would return the value of a different window. Adding the optional parameter WindowName would give use this functionality without breaking backward compatibility.


    Get( WindowTop; [WindowName ] )

    • If WindowName is omitted or an empty string (""), the function will return the window top position value for the current window.
    • If WindowName is provided, then the return value is related to that window.
    • If instead of a window name the option "parent window" is selected, the function will relate to the parent window of a card or modal window.


    This would be helpful if you use card windows and want to provide buttons where the user can push the card window to any side of the parent window.