Mass Change of TO on Layout Fields

Idea created by krheinlander on May 7, 2018

    Often in organically growing solutions, the relationship graph grows to an unmanageable spider diagram.


    Converting the graph to anchor buoy is relatively easy - select the subset of TOs and duplicate.


    However, the layout changes are not so easy. For each layout whose context has changed, you have to select each field individually, opening SPECIFY FIELD, scroll to the top and select the new contextual TO.


    Repeat N times for all the fields on a layout.


    1) If there were a function where you could select a group of fields all based on the same SOURCE table, and in mass, change them all to a specific TO, that would make conversion efforts so much faster. If you select fields that are NOT from the same source table, the option to convert TO would be greyed out.


    2) In addition, and menu like the existing [hold down] OPTION > SELECT SAME, could have a new menu option for SELECT FIELDS FROM SAME SOURCE TABLE. (kinda like what you can do in the relationship graph, and select all TOs based on the same source table, but for layout fields).


    There is also the regular occurring (at least for me :-) situation where the scope of the layout has grown to where a unique TOG would be useful, and this convert-all-fields-from-same-source-to-one-TO process would facilitate the conversion.