Protect custom sort for table/field lists

Idea created by Jason Wood on May 14, 2018



    It's too easy to lose your custom table/field sort orders accidentally.


    In Manage Database, you can reorder fields to create a custom sort. You can then use the "View by" menu to switch back to another sort order (such as by name or creation order). You can also go back to your custom sort. But if you're on a non-custom sort, and you make any change to the order, you will create a new custom sort and your previous order will be lost.


    This can be improved relatively easily.


    Suggested Solution:


    Do not allow field/table reordering unless you select "custom sort" from the "View by:" menu first.


    If a custom sort exists and you try to reorder from another sort order, an error message comes up "This action will delete the existing custom sort order for this table. Are you sure you want to replace the existing custom sort?" (suggest changes to wording in the comments!)