1-4 user licence option - especially for AWS

Idea created by rick_middleton on May 17, 2018

    The new FM17 user licensing model is great for 5 or more users, as it allows to add per user one at a time, thus keeping the "cost per user" fairly constant without nasty spikes like it had when in tiers of 5.


    But what about very small businesses?   The Little Fish**.  The ones who are new, have limited initial budgets and are currently fumbling along with excel for database tasks.


    The current pricing model could be a real turn off to these small companies (or non-profits) - for of course as well as paying for their FileMaker licence, they probably will have to pay a developer too.


    Under the current package the "cost per user" works out like this ( based on UK FMS 5 users package @ £720 ex VAT)


    For 1 user - £60 per month + VAT

    For 2 user - £30 per month + VAT

    For 3 user - £20 per month + VAT

    For 4 user - £15 per month + VAT

    For 5 user - £12 per month + VAT



    Make a 1 - 4 user package that has perhaps up to £15 - £20 per user cost.


    It needs to be transferrable to AWS - as this is probably the best case scenario for small business, so they do not have the cost and hassle of setting up a server.   A small extra monthly charge for AWS web hosting is probably preferable to the outlay and maintenance of an on-premise server.


    **Little fish grow into Big Fish ( if they do not get eaten )