Smooth scroll list with any amount of data

Idea created by tomasd on May 17, 2018
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    Scrolling in list layout can be very slow, if you have calculation-intensive fields on a layout.

    It doesn't look pretty, nor professional in database application.


    • Drag scollbar can freeze UI for seconds
    • Scrolling list down with uncached records can freeze UI for seconds
    • Open new set of related records can freeze UI for seconds and it display new set with visible delay


    Examples - solutions on web:




    ListView basics and virtualization concepts – Blog Alain Zanchetta

    The main idea is that even if a list contains hundreds of element, only a few of them are visible in the same time and therefore it is possible to reduce CPU and memory consumption by creating just the “right” number of graphical elements.

    The operation of expanding a data template and assigning it values from the data list is named realization. In order to reduce the risk of visual glitch during a scroll operation, the “realization window” is larger than the visible part of the ListView.

    realization window down