Idea created by Vincent_L on May 19, 2018
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • tomasd
    • knightman
    • Vincent_L
    • Markus Schneider


    To optimize solutions, it would be very helpful / critical to know exactly how much time the layout took to render.

    Unfortunately, past methods using let statements are not reliable anymore. So we don't have any reliable method in hand nowadays.


    That means to know the time to draw it entirely, including the loading of all necessary objects, part (aside webviewer's which is independent of Filemaker, but I've another idea for that).


    So Get(LayoutRenderingTime) would return the time in milliseconds it takes.

    each time Filemaker would start drawing a layout, just before, it would save the current ms timestamp internally, and then when the layout is fully rendered, it would use it to compute the layout rendering's duration, and put it in an internal variable that the Get(LayoutRenderingTime) function would read.


    For list view, this would measure the time it took to render area that's been rendered (ie the visible area).

    The idea is to mesure exactly how much time the user has to wait.


    Of course, invoking Get(LayoutRenderingTime), would also mean, that function would "pause" the script engine till the drawing is done.


    This would be absolutely awesome to optimize our solutions.


    P.S : Yes knowing which part specifically is slow is also important, that's why I've a companion idea GetObjectRenderingTime(objectname)