Better Unsaved Script Indication

Idea created by Chris Irvine on May 25, 2018

    The current indicators for unsaved scripts are good. Whenever they are on screen, I find them to be very helpful. ...they could be better. Consider possible ways to indicate that a script workspace contains any unsaved scripts. On Mac the convention to change the red close x to a red dot.


    Unsaved script tab.pngUnsaved scripts pane.png


    When your project scales up, you may have hundreds of scripts, probably organized into folders. If you scroll the scripts pane, you may not see the asterisk any more. If you collapse the folder holding a script, there is no unsaved indicator on the parent folder.


    Similarly, if you start to open several tabs, then an unsaved script tab may be pushed off into the 'show more scripts' pop-up a the top right of the workspace window. Once this happens, the script name in the pop-up doesn't have an asterisk indicating the unsaved state. In this station, it actually becomes work to see how many unsaved scripts you might currently have in the workspace window.


    The 'save all scripts' menu command does come in handy in this situation, but other times I want to test one recently modified group of scripts while not yet saving some other unrelated scripts. Asterisks in the 'show more scripts' pop-up would be an ideal way to handle this specific situation.