No initial window if opening script wants otherwise

Idea created by DavidThorp on May 26, 2018
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • DavidThorp

    Since the dawn of time, when you open a FileMaker file in FileMaker Pro / Pro Advanced, the very first thing that happens before anything else is the first window for the file appears on screen in whatever position it was last closed when not a client of it being hosted somewhere (single user). 


    But there are situations where I want more control of what shows first.


    I can script pretty much any situation I've ever wanted.  With card windows now I can even script really nice splash screens without window title bar, calculated to appear in the middle of the display regardless of display size, and stuff like that.  However, everything I've tried, can't avoid that first window.


    Even if the very first step of the OnFirstWindowOpen (formerly Startup) script is Toggle Window [Hide] or Move/Resize Window [ top: -99999; left: -99999] (ie. offscreen), there's still a momentary flash as it first displays the window, before hiding or moving it offscreen.  Even if the last time it was closed when not a client of it being hosted somewhere was at offscreen coordinates, then it next time it opens, the first thing it does is have it display at 0,0.


    Does anyone know if there's any way to avoid this?  Is there any way to avoid that first window flash, if the first script step it runs is hide or move offscreen?  If not, then please consider this an "idea" / feature request that I'd ask people to vote up and let's hope that FMI might implement something that gives us the option. 


    Maybe for the OnFirstWindowOpen script to run it has to actually "open" the window and there's no avoiding that.  If so, can we have the option to open the first window offscreen if we want.  We have that option with subsequent windows, so why not the first one?  Maybe in the "File Options…" dialog (right under the "Switch to layout: [Specify] option) we can have "Open at: " option with four fields, one each for top/left/height/width, each including an [fx] button, the same as the New Window script step has.


    I haven't checked on Windows (as in Microsoft Windows the operating system).  My setup is macOS, and the symptoms I'm describing above show for me in that environment.  Assuming it's the same running in MS Windows, then this request is for both platforms.