Open sub-script by clicking name (even in other file, or from a script window that isn't Script Workspace, or even a named script).

Idea created by DavidThorp on May 29, 2018
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • Vincent_L
    • Markus Schneider
    • DavidThorp

    We have:


    scriptworkspace - open subscript in editor

    Script Workspace: open subscript in new tab [DELIVERED]

    Open subscript when viewing a script

    Script Workspace - be able to open sub-script by clicking name


    All asking virtually the same thing, and delivered now (command-click the script on Mac; not sure what it is on Windows)... but... only if the sub-script is in the same file.


    Requesting this be added so that when doing the same on a subscript that's in another file it opens Script Workspace for the other file (if not already) and shows the script, just like it does for same-file scripts.


    There is also the issue of scripts being open in their own windows, other than in Script Workspace.  This can come about when a script is opened from the debugger, or when you've specifically right clicked on a script and selected "Open in New Window".  The command-click (or the corresponding whatever on Windows) on a sub-script (the selected script in a Perform Script step) doesn't seem to work then either.  So this idea requests that work also.


    Finally, with FM17 now we have the option to perform a script by name.  This idea also requests that command-clicking (or the corresponding whatever on Windows) on the named sub-script there, uses the same logic that it uses at runtime to decide which script is the matching script and open the matching script then as well.


    I believe all these options should "just work" without any exceptions or complications for the user.