TextFormatting Functions (Tabs/Outdents/Reverse Tabs)d

Idea created by wedgeman on May 30, 2018

    As per beverly , having a function to manage TextFormatting would be very helpful in report development.

    This would allow the first line to be 'outdented' xxxx amount, where following lines are indented, thus combining the work of heavy formatting, additional Line Spacing/Indents to be run in negative numbers, and much guesswork.


    It would seem that a series of TextFormatting functions would be in order for this:

    TextFormat(TargetField; align/indent/outdent/tab; left/center/right/xxpts)


    an additional component might be to sub-configure with a 'line' option, where one could choose to apply the text format to a specific line (first, last, x number of lines, all), with the same application.

    TextFormat(TargetField; line; first/last/x/all; align/indent/outdent/tab; left/center/right/xxpts)


    I don't know if this should be pixels, points, inches, or what.

    this would resolve many current issues found with sliding fields and resizing in layouts other than List.