ActiveModifierKeys in WedDirect

Idea created by Jonathan Jeffery on May 30, 2018
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • Jonathan Jeffery
    • Markus Schneider

    WebDirect does not support get( ActiveModifierKeys ), and always returns zero when that function is called.


    This function would be handy for selecting ranges of records from a list (in a portal or List View) , and would conform to the standard interface behaviours for Mac and Windows; SHIFT = select a range from the previously selected row, CNTL (Windows) or COMMAND (Mac) = select/deselect individual rows


    It would also, surely, be easy to implement, as there are standard DOM Event properties noting shift-click, control-click, command-click, etc. -- these are fully implemented in all the WebDirect-supported browsers (Safari, Chrome, Edge and Explorer). It would just be a case of getting WebDirect to listen to what the browser is already trying to tell it.