The Filemaker 18+ licensing system

Idea created by LucThomaere on Jun 1, 2018

    There is a lot to do about the new licensing system. Don't want to start another discussion here but want to look forward to Filemaker 18 till 30 :-)

    The final licensing model, one that will be kept for years without changing, one that pleases the lone worker as well as the large workgroups.


    1) A Filemaker Developer Advanced for the professional developer who creates multi-user databases to be run on a server (or local files, whatever, without limits)  ($1,000)

    2) A Filemaker Developer Light for the starter, home user ($200)

    • Can only create single-user databases
    • Can be used as a client for a multi-user database hosted on a Filemaker Server but can't edit scripts/layouts/db structure of a shared database

    3) A Filemaker Server paid by concurrent connection and by shared database, starting from 1 connection and 1 database, online up- and downgradable in steps of  1 connection or 1 database. Connections can be the Filemaker Client, a WebDirect client, of course both Filemaker Developer versions, ODBC clients, etc...

    4) A free Filemaker Client voor Mac, Windows, iOS (and Android!). Just to use solutions, not to develop.

    • Clients for Mac and Windows can only be used with Filemaker Server
    • Clients for iOS and Android can also use local Files


    This model is simple and straightforward. And easy to explain to our customers.