Get ( ScriptStepErrors )

Idea created by vince.menanno on Jun 8, 2018

    This request stems from not having full logging of all script errors for all FileMaker clients at the server level.

    See this idea. Logging all script errors


    Just like we have Get ( ScriptResults ) I would like to see a new function that returns all the errors that a script has encountered in its execution returned as a list


    Each row would represent an error and it would include the script step number <tab> error number.


    It would help us to not have to put in a whole slew of error checks on every possible script step. Can help keep our code clean.


    Ideally if we have a On Try Block then maybe a Get ( TryErrors ) script step could return the list of all errors encountered  - not sure about this one but we really need some way to get the ability to see what errors a script is encountering without us having to put a Get ( LastError ) step after each step in our scripts.