Make Go To Object work reliably with related fields

Idea created by Vincent_L on Jun 16, 2018
    • ThierryGuemboura
    • Vincent_L



    To me this is more a bug fix than a new idea, but I was instructed to post it here following this

    Go to object fails on "empty" related fields


    So I discovered while implementing this excellent sorting technique Smart Sort List View, that Go ToObject will fail if that object is a related field that does not exists : the main record doesn't have related record. Said like that it may sound logic, but it's not, or at least not practical. In real world that means for instance, that in list view, you can't sort a related column if you're on a record that doesn't have a related value, while other record do.


    Moreover the scrip step name Go To Object, implies to access the object, not it's content. In the case of a related non existing record, the object does exists, it is drawn, therefore you should be able to go to it, because you're going to the object not it's content.


    So to me this is indeed a bug that needs to be fixes do the Go To Object would have the reliable, dependable behavior, its name implies.

    Not to mention is will make lots of technique reliable whatever the object is.