Bring back scrolling through records in form view

Idea created by StefanDedobbeleer on Jun 18, 2018

    Since a few weeks we updated from FM13 to FM16. That was a big disappointment. Biggest in 20 years that we use FMP. In FMP13 we could filter records and then very fast scrolling through the records (form view) till we found the correct record (mostly via pictures on layout, values in different color by conditional formatting, …). Now we are busy all day long with clicking and clicking and clicking on the little arrow buttons in the toolbar. That is so frustrating and time loss.


    I understand that this function is removed for security reasons (edit data on wrong record), but I think FM forgot users with applications like catalogs etc (not editable data from other sources).



    Why not as a layout option or even Ctrl+ScrollButton?


    I compare this with the purchase of a car with 4 doors. On delivery only 2 doors because the manufacturer has decided not to make the car with 4 doors anymore. Still place for 5 but not easy anymore to use.