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Idea created by vince.menanno on Jun 23, 2018
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    In some ways one could say that this idea...


    Update Deployed Solutions


    Has been delivered with the introduction of the Data Migration Tool. And now that we have it and have been using it I find that a useful enhancement would be to allow us to update globals.


    Say in a solution that is in production that is some data in a global field. And that global data needs to be updated with new data. The data type could be anything even a container. Now in the development copy you want to be able to update what is in the global when you roll out a new version.


    There are 3 ignore options.

        -ignore_valuelists (use custom value lists from clone instead of source)

        -ignore_accounts (use accounts and decryption key from clone instead of source)

        -ignore_fonts (assume no font mapping required for field contents)


    It would be great if we could add a new option 'update_globals'

        -update_globals (update data in global fields in source from globals in clone)


    Wanted to add one more comment about this. I know that we can't update globals in hosted files. But seeing as the data migration tool has to run on a file that isn't hosted - then maybe there is a good chance this feature can make it in.