Optionally allow resize of parent window when card window showing. Optionally allow move and resize of card window in parent window.  Allow stacking of cards.

Idea created by DavidThorp on Jun 24, 2018

    Update 2018-06-27:

    Seems everyone hates this idea, so how about this instead:  Some kind of popup card-style functionality that is optionally resizable and movable, doesn't stop the window it's in from being resizable, and can be stacked.



    My users like to resize and rearrange their windows all the time.


    Cards are pretty awesome for what they are.  A great thing about them is you can have a card pop up in one window and still be able to use all the other windows, of course.


    This is a small thing maybe but when a card window pops up it locks the size of the parent window.  The card itself is also locked - not resizable or movable.


    Also, why should we be limited to only one card per parent window?  Why not be able to pop up cards on top of cards?


    These limitations are causing some frustration among some of my users, and me as a developer.  It'd be great if these limitations could be overcome.



    EDIT 2018-06-26:

    I'm having a real hard time understanding why people are voting this down.  But in discussion with Beverly below, I've realized maybe it's because it wasn't clear that I'm only asking for these new features as options not replacing the existing functionality.


    As per one of my replies to Beverly below, it could come in the form of:


    1. Un-dimming (and therefore allowing it to work, of course) the Resize checkbox in this window, plus adding a new "Move" option:


    Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 10.44.47 AM.png


    2. A new script step for changing those settings on existing windows (card or otherwise) - so that I can set it for the parent window - and,


    3. Simply making it so the New Window [Card] script step (screen shot above) actually works when initiated from an existing card window.


    None of that would break any of the existing functionality of cards windows.  It would simply add to it (optionally at the developers' discretion).


    If that changes anything for anyone, I'd appreciate you changing your votes accordingly.  And my apologies for the confusion.