New layout part: End Footer / Trailing Footer

Idea created by scottworld on Jun 25, 2018

    Is there any particular reason why we don't have an "End Footer" or a "Trailing Footer" layout part?


    This would give us the ability to have a footer at the very bottom of the last page of a report.


    Believe it or not, we have many clients who request this very feature. Yet we only have the ability to create a "Title Footer", which gives us a Footer on the very first page of a report. We don't have the ability to have an "End Footer" or a "Trailing Footer" for the very last page of a report.


    Yes, I know that we have the "Trailing Grand Summary" part, but that part doesn't put the text at the VERY BOTTOM of the page. It only puts that part wherever the body (or trailing subsummary) ends.


    And yes, I know that we could do all sorts of fancy tricks within the normal "Footer" part to figure out whether or not to display that footer information on the last page or not, but there are several drawbacks to this methodology:


    #1. "Header" & "footer" parts don't support the feature to "resize the enclosing part" when sliding, meaning that we are always left with a large footer part, regardless of whether or not we are displaying the text within the footer part.


    #2. Using tricks is cumbersome, because it involves layering of multiple different types of text -- some text which will only display on certain pages, and other text which will only display on other pages.


    It would be great to simply have a native "trailing footer" or "end footer".