Describe briefly how to ask a question

Idea created by ThierryGuemboura on Jun 25, 2018
    • ThierryGuemboura
    • lee
    • planteg
    • Andy Hibbs
    • mikeo'neil

    When we click on the pencil icon and choose Question Ask a question, I suggest to add just above the placeholder Ask a question a small paragraph to describe what type of information might be good to put in the question, like:

    • OS
    • FMP version
    • Table Name(s)
    • Field Name(s)
    • Relationship Graph screenshot
    • Script screenshot
    • etc.

    A sentence will explain that it is not mandatory but the more the better as sometimes responders have to ask anyway before making any valid suggestion.

    Not everybody will comply, that's fine and once again the sentence should make it clear that we will answer anyway if info is not provided (because lack of knowledge or it is determined by OP that it would not change the answer, etc.).


    Just an idea.