Some kind of popup card-style functionality that is optionally resizable and movable, doesn't stop the window it's in from being resizable, and can be stacked.

Idea created by DavidThorp on Jun 26, 2018
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • Markus Schneider
    • DavidThorp

    I posted this: Optionally allow resize of parent window when card window showing. Optionally allow move and resize of card window in parent window.  Allow stacking of cards.


    Five people so far think it's a bad idea.  Some are saying that it can be achieved with other window styles, but don't explain how (they can't because it's not the case).  I don't get how it's a bad idea, but if the issue is because they don't want to mess with cards, then ok.  No problem.  I still want that type of UI element in FM.


    For example: 


    Open the FileMaker 16 (or less) Server admin console.  Go to Schedules.  Click on any Schedule.  Edit it.  (Or create a new schedule). Something that looks a lot like a card pops up:

    • It's an object that is stuck in the window it's in and doesn't interfere in any way with other windows (just like a card window).
    • It is resizable and movable.
    • It doesn't interfere with the ability to resize the window it is in.
    • It is NOT a normal window of any kind - it doesn't have a standard window title bar or any of the window borders (in Windows).
    • It is scrollable if its contents are bigger than it is.
    • It has a drop shadow behind it, showing itself as a UI element above (in the z-direction) the window content.
    • It dims the contents of the window it's in behind it.


    Just one example.  It's a common UI element in many web apps these days.  And in some apps there is also the ability to stack them (in other words pop one up above another one and not be limited to only one).


    Sheets in macOS are a similar UI element - used for the same purposes, just that they specifically slide down from the top of the window they're in and slide back up again.  They perform the same function, and behave in all the same ways (except not movable and don't dim the window they're covering).  But still resizable sometimes (even beyond the size of the window it's in).  Don't interfere with any other window or resizing of the window they're in.  Sometimes scrollable if its contents are bigger than it is.  Sometimes stackable (ie. one sheet on top of another sheet).


    I'd like this kind of functionality in FM also one way or another.  Some animations would be nice too (so if I slide it down from the top it can simulate a macOS sheet, but other animations could be nice too).


    The context of this UI element should not be restricted to the context of the window it is in.  In that respect it should behave like a card in FM currently does - you can assign it a different layout or TO's context.  Unless FMI introduces the "Layout Viewer" control which I could then place inside this UI element, to get the same effect.


    It should be available in all variations of FM:  Pro, Go, WD and Server scripting.


    I think it should be a script step - because it's something that popups up, like a card (New Window script step) or a custom dialog (Show Custom Dialog script step).  But it should also be something we can work on what's in it somehow, (like a Card currently points to another layout that we've built elsewhere in the database).  If it is something that points to another layout (like a Card does) then it should be able to point it to a layout in another file (like a Card can)


    If you think that this would not be a good addition to FileMaker, I'd love it if you could please explain why.  And if your answer is "because it can be done other ways" I'd really appreciate if you could please explain how.  As far as I can tell this functionality is not possible in FileMaker at the moment.