fmsadmin calls -c client id : Top Calls for a particular client

Idea created by Vincent_L on Jun 30, 2018
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    • Vincent_L
    • Markus Schneider



    FMS17 freed fms server tools from the GUI. It's time to unless the power of the command line stuff.


    This idea has been inspired by Honza's analysis of this issue ( Cleverly, to pinpoint problem he used the Top Calls feature, to compare client and server execution time. He could do it reliably because he was using a FMS server on the same mac of his client, so 100% of the registered calls are from this client only.


    It struck me that we couldn't do this in production, our 25 Top calls would be "polluted" by other clients. Those would steal some calls slots, and maybe we will miss our client of interest calls.


    Moreover, as the name implies Top Calls, only list the most expensive calls. So we're missing the fast ones.

    But sometime it's important to know that some calls went fine precisely.


    Therefore, I think that having a dedicated fmsadmin calls -c (cleintID) -d duration (in seconds) function that will temporally (during the -d duration) log ALL the calls from a particular client would be of a tremendous help to pinpoint particular problems very accurately.


    The Top Calls would remain, and would be (if set) work in parallel. So with the regular Top call, we could seed which client has issue, and then dive in with the  fmsadmin calls function.