FileMaker Server 17 Statistics graph y-axis scale improvements

Idea created by CamelCase_data Expert on Jul 3, 2018
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • ThierryGuemboura
    • Johan Hedman
    • BeatriceBeaubien
    • Vincent_L
    • Markus Schneider
    • CamelCase_data

    The FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console System Statistics graph displays CPU Usage and Memory Usage with an adaptive scale on the y-axis.

    So if you're constantly using between 8 and 10% of CPU, at a quick glance (which should be the strength of a graph), it looks like CPU is being heavily taxed, which is not at all the case.


    Since these values are given as percentages, it would in my view be more useful to use a fixed scale 0-100% for CPU and Memory Usage.