New Text Field Storage option : Compressed !

Idea created by Vincent_L on Jul 6, 2018
    • joshofman
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    Although not recommended, sometimes it's convenient (for instance log data), to store high chunk of text in some fields. But obviously this takes up space.

    If those big chunk of text don't need to be search one, hence, nor to be indexed. It's convenient just to consult them (on a layout for instance). But those consulting text only field may take a lot of space.

    Since you don't need to interact with those, why store them uncompressed, especially as text compresses so well.

    Therefore I propose to have a setting in the storage option for text fields (not for calls, nor globals), "compressed" that would just compress the text (LZW, zip, whatever).

    Fo the naked eye it would just look as a regular text field

    Those won't be searchable, nor being relationship/Imports match fields But on layout, or any reading (export / sql results / calc engine) Filemaker would automatically present them uncompressed. Nowadays, compressing / expanding text is virtually instantaneous

    So you'll have best of both worlds : being able to store big amount of text, but with much less space needed, or network traffic either.

    As it's the client that would do the decompression, this would transfer faster.


    If you wonder what would be the real world usage of this for me, it would be script parameters logging (that can contain thousand of SKUs, so it could be quite big).


    Or storing some html / xml code templates that I need to edit on the fly via script before using it

    Or long urls


    In fact, we could even argue that it should be the default storage of non indexed text fields. But let's make it an option.