New Sort option : Natural order

Idea created by Vincent_L on Jul 6, 2018
    • Vincent_L
    • Matt Navarre



    Sorting is often highly confusing for people, and for good reason. Our brain don't agree with the math beneath the sorts. So computer style sorting leads to confusing sorts.


    - In text fields Number are not sorted the "expected" way with 10 near to 1, so we use the 01 trick.

    - And even more importantly NULL is sorted as if it was bigger than numbers (or Text : not so sure about this one).


    So, modern OS often offer a natural sorting option where number are recognizes as such in text, and sorted as a human would sort them.

    There's no reason we couldn't have this in filemaker (yes paying a performance penalty, and I bet it won't be that big, would be ok).


    it's even more important, and that's what triggered my idea, for sorting by a related field. if some of them don't exists (no related record), then the sorting goes berserk with record having no related records sorts on top.


    And this one is really messy to deal within filmmaker, it forces you to create an unstorred calc just for that (an then you can't edit it anymore), and  hence adds complexity and design clutter to the solution (and worsen the already bad related field performance).


    Having this sorts option would considerably help filemaker approachability by regular people. They'll achieve natural result much faster, and will save them lots of frustration.


    And since it's an option, it won't remove anything for those pure mathematicians that fancies the current way.