LayoutObjectIDs ( fileName ; layoutName {; objectTypeList} )

Idea created by robertnaud on Jul 7, 2018

    It feels like FileMaker believes the only objects that exists are the ones we named. I am not convinced I would want to name all my layout objects or have FileMaker name them automatically. But I know I could use a function giving me the layout object IDs, provided I could then use those IDs where I have to use a name today (yes I am talking about GetLayoutObjectAttribute).


    LayoutObjectIDs ( fileName ; layoutName {; objectTypeList} ) would do the same as LayoutObjectNames ( fileName ; layoutName ), but would return ALL objects (named or not) with the optional parameter letting you provide a return delimited list of the types you would like to filter on.


    Then, the first parameter of GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( objectName ; attributeName {; repetitionNumber ; portalRowNumber} ) would need to accept a name or an ID (or FMI could craft a new function to accept IDs)


    Bingo, you can now ask a layout to give you its FULL contents and iterate the results as you need.


    Any one else feels the same?


    P.S.: Get ( ActiveLayoutObjectName ) could get an upgrade where it would give an ID if the active layout object is not a named one.