Record Indicator & layout count in layout mode

Idea created by LaRetta_1 on Jul 9, 2018
    • Benjamin Fehr
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    • LaRetta_1
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    In version 17, FMI has eliminated the record indicator in layout mode along with the count of layouts.  Please bring them back.  I'm listing it here as a requested enhancement because it isn't really a bug; just an obvious omission.


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    We group and place our layouts according to their functionality.  Many times, we jump between layouts (forward and back) working on various layouts or I run through all layouts checking for issues.  It is very important to us.


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    As Steve Martino has pointed out, we can use CTRL-DOWN (and reassign Mac Application Windows to use that shortcut instead.  And we can use: ValueCount ( LayoutNames ( "" ) ) to count the windows but it isn't as if the Status Toolbar was too crowded to handle it.  Simply, it should not have been removed.


    Please put the record indicator and count back where it was.  Us Developers would be forever grateful.