Relationship graph: view table data

Idea created by Matt Navarre on Jul 12, 2018
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    It would be great to be able to see table data when making relationships in the graph. For example, when connecting a Company table with an Invoice table, if the key fields are not clearly named on one table or the other, if you could toggle the view between field names and record data, you could create a relationship correctly without much research.


    Right now, in order to do this, you need to:

    1. Have a layout in table view for both tables (which otherwise may have no value in the application)

    2. Exit the Manage Database dialog

    3. Open one or both layouts to inspect data


    While in the Manage Database dialog on the Table tab, currently you can see field names and comments, but not data. It would great if there was a way to do that.


    Secondly, while in the Edit Relationship dialog, it would be great to toggle a view to see field names and record data in the two tables being joined.


    Since a user is [Full Access] to see the graph, I don't see a security issue with this idea, except in related tables where the user may not have the same access, so obviously the privileges would be observed.