Platform-specific setting for automatic login

Idea created by Matt Navarre on Jul 12, 2018
    • jrenfrew
    • fitch
    • Johan Hedman
    • Chris Irvine
    • Matt Navarre

    I suggest a change to the auto-login feature in File Settings:


    When a WebDirect user logs into a database, default credentials can be provided so they can have limited access. For example, this would only allow certain tables, layouts, and scripts. But when a FileMaker Pro [Advanced] desktop user logs in, it would be great if they could have separate settings, which would not automatically open the file with credentials. Right now there is a unsatisfying workaround for this that reduces security that uses on OnOpen script. This involves the Re-login script step if a Desktop user logs in with a lower privilege set intended for WebDirect.


    Ideally, the account associated with the WebDirect user should only have the WebDirect extended privilege. But if you use this feature and have an automatic login, you would expect to see an error when a desktop user logs in, but you don't (which is nice). Instead, FM17 just asks for the user credentials. Still, I think separate login settings for FMPro, Go, and WebDirect would offer more flexibility and security.


    auto login.png


    ext priv.png