Filtered Table Occurence

Idea created by flukey on Jul 17, 2018
    • strunk
    • isakjorge
    • flukey

    Allow a filter to be set on a table occurrence so that any find executed on that table occurrence would automatically include that filter as part of the find criteria (automatically added by FMS of FMPA).  This could be set either by a script step ("SetTOFilter")  and/or in the Manage Database dialog.


    This would allow the development of applications with pre-filtered data, e.g. to allow a multi account application to automatically exclude access to any account not included in the filter.  While this can be accomplished to some extent with privilege sets and carefully scripted finds, it can be cumbersome to manage, and also shows the no access result when a find includes records for which the privilege set restricts access.


    A TO filter would result in a much smoother UI experience and minimize the amount of scripting that would need to be done to manage find results that should not be accessible.  This is different to creating a related TO off of another TO so that you have a filtered records list, since a find executed against that TO would still search against all records in the table.