Remove All Breakpoints

Idea created by HOnza on Jul 19, 2018

    A simple menu item added to the Tools>Debugging Controls menu would save many people a lot of time when troubleshooting issues: Remove All Breakpoints.


    When debugging, I (as probably many developers) tend to add breakpoints where I need them, but I only rarely remember to remove them all when I am done with the debugging, mostly because I don't recall all the places I have added them. So the next time I need to debug the solution I way too often end up looking at a script N levels deeper than I need to and have to spend tremendous amount of time carefully stepping out to make sure I don't lose track of what I was going to debug.


    After years of having the same solution developed (and often debugged) by a team of developers, the solution becomse exscessively polluted by breakpoints. Being able to simply remove them all from the whole solution without having to go through all scripts manually, would make any future debugging much more efficient.