Email Attachments from Containers

Idea created by Chris Irvine on Jul 25, 2018

    The recent improvements to the Send Mail step are a welcome and long needed Email multiple attachments


    Unfortunately this feature isn't useful for WAN deployed solutions that need to send attachments directly from the server without costly file download(s) to the client before turning around and sending the mail. This could be performed today without leaving the server if the Export Field Contents step was supported for PSoS scripts. In the mean time, this behavior is relegated to plug-ins.


    It would be swell if the Send Mail step could skip the filesystem completely and attach multiple files directly from container fields? While you are at it, reading directly from a container(binary) typed variable would be equally useful.


    The simplest use case is a PSoS script that reads from multiple diverse records, collecting files from container fields, and then sending a single email with the attached files. While I would use this most on PSoS, having the option on all platforms makes the most sense.