Import Records match on source, not just the target table

Idea created by jdressing on Jul 28, 2018
    • jdressing

    Import Records script step - When choosing Update matching records in found set and you chose Add Remaining data as new records.  The add remaining data should look for matching records on the source. The records may not be in the target, but could still be in the source. There is no current way to get the additional records from the source with the same match.  The records had to already exist in the target.  It is bad for that option to bring the entire rest of the source table records over to the target.  At least give the option to get matching source records.  Example:  Target found set Key has 1 record match, Source record Key has 10 records that match the key. It should update the 1 record and bring the other 9 records in as new. It should not bring the hundreds of records in the source table over.  I got around this by using ExecuteSQL to get all the keys, then inserting a row for each, then doing an update on matching records.