Provide an intuitive, distinct and effective means of formatting table view fields

Idea created by belg4mit on Aug 1, 2018
    • belg4mit
    • turquino

    It should be possible to format fields for table views:

    1. Separately from form or list view
      1. The current action-at-a-distance scheme is not at all intuitive, and violates the programming principle of least surprise.
      2. Once could easily wish to offer different formats in a user-facing (form) versus developer-facing (table) view e.g; more or less precision in numeric fields
    2. Without having to create extra layouts or views one may not need or wish to have cluttering their system.
      1. Additionally, fields which are displayed in a form cannot be removed from a table view without first removing them from the form view. Adding extra steps to the management of one's system.
    3. Form view formatting does not carry over to all uses of a value. For example, I have a summary field in several tables that counts the number of records, but it displays as a currency value when used in <<text>>, despite the form view for this field being General.


    I recommend that fields in a table have a default format associated with them and stored in the table itself. These formats would be used for the table view and text inclusions; as well as the default for form and list view unless otherwise overriden. These could be set in the field options and/or in a context menu in the table view, as in a spreadsheet.