Paste options on layout fields

Idea created by jdevans on Aug 9, 2018
    • ThomasWeissig
    • Markus Schneider

    I think it would be helpful if, like many Microsoft Applications (Word, Excel for example), Filemaker Pro had Paste options when a user copies information from outside of Filemaker. In Excel, Outlook, Word, a right click will display the user a few pasting options (use formatting as copied, use destination formatting, or paste without formatting). 


    I think this would be very helpful when it comes to data-cleanup. It would prevent the necessity of the developer to place an event script trigger on user-input fields that need to have the data clean (which is most of the time). It is labor-intensive and costly to make sure all fields that need this have a script to clean the data. It could also keep the event trigger clear for use on other types of scripts.


    Use case...

    my company has an Order Request system where users create an order for parts/materials they need for a project. The description field generally requires data cleanup because the users find what they need on the internet, and copy the product description, then paste it into the FM Order Request fields. I have to do the same thing in multiple other forms. The OnObjectExit script trigger is occupied for the data-cleanup when it could be used for other things or not at all.