We need a way to export clickable hyperlinks

Idea created by videosity on Aug 14, 2018
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    There are many posts online asking how to export clickable hyperlinks from Filemaker but there are no good answers.  Personally, I have a database that contains TV ads names and youtube links to the online videos and i'd like to be able to provide that list to clients as a list of ads in which the titles click through to the youtube URL as a PDF, HTML file, mail, or even an Excel file.


    Given the pervasive nature of hyperlinks in our daily lives, it seems this function should be a top priority for this software to be able to produce reports that provide this functionality for today's workplaces, schools, libraries, and homes that use Filemaker.  Large volumes of data are typically involved somehow with the internet and this hyperlink functionality is vital in generating reports and other output that bring these two things into harmony. 


    I imagine this new function would be found in the Inspector panel under the Data tab.  An additional field under the "Display Data From" box would be a box titled "Hyperlink data from" in which the user could insert a field or calculation that would then make the displayed data clickable in Preview mode or when exported to PDF, mail, HTML or Excel.  I'm not a programmer, but it doesn't seem that it would be a monumental task to add this feature to a future upgrade.


    Of course the conditional formatting function should be able to provide the blue and underlined text formatting if desired when the export format supports it.


    I imagine that it would be beneficial to allow buttons with the Open URL function to act as hyperlinks when exported to PDFs as well.