Rename file in externally stored container

Idea created by fabianf on Aug 31, 2018
    • maik_waschfeld
    • David Julot
    • fabianf
    • Johan Hedman

    It is not uncommon wanting to rename a file stored in a container, for example before sending it to a third party.


    With small files there is a work around (Base64 encode & decode). With large files this is not possible (we handle artwork files that could be say 300 Mb – please don't try using Base64 on such files... ), so the workaround would be to export & import. That's a lot of reading/writing just to change the name of the file.


    In the OS itself, it is really easy to change the name of the file, without opening the actual file.


    I would like FileMaker to add this functionality, so we could change the name of the file with a script step, without actually moving the file (from the external storage) or even reading it into cache memory.