For Each Scriptstep

Idea created by Rabbe on Sep 4, 2018
    • barand
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    The idea: Have "For Each/End For Each" scriptsteps to loop through related records to the current record. Within the loop, the context of the related file will be the current related record. The current primary record will also be available.


    This may be combined with a "Exit For Each If..." scriptstep to terminate the loop prematurely.


    Today we need to use various techniques to loop trough related records; e.g., by using counters and GetNthRecord or by going to related records, loop trough these and go back. For Each will make this much more easy and intuitive.


    The scriptstep might be extended with the possibility to loop through values and repeating fields. This could be by having a pop-up with the choices:



    The last part may just be a open field as with the If scriptstep. If Related Records is selected, it can be a TO-name and with a Values or Repeating Field, it can be a field or a variable.