Assisted Install - Add Options for Preferences

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Sep 4, 2018


    The assisted install currently only goes so far in assisting the install-and-setup process of the FileMaker Client.


    After performing an assisted install on our own or on our clients' workplace computers, we *always* then have to open the client and set certain options. This step, or one of the settings, is often forgotten, which invariably leads to some problem sooner or later!


    Here, for example, are the settings, which are important to us, and why:



    • Text selection is necessary for certain drag+drop functions in our solution. Without it the function does not work.
    • Use Database Dialog is just our preferred way
    • Client installations and updates are regulated by ourselves or by the customers' admins - never by end users. Moreover the Update function cannot work with our solution, because we use Quit Application which is incompatible with the Update function.
    • We like advanced tools to be available on end-users' workplaces, so that we can debug (other developers may of course have different opinion)


    • Our solution installs the plugins it requires so this option MUST be on



    • Our solution normally has NO scripts in the script menu. This little blighter nearly always gets forgotten, leading to new (custom) (sub-)scripts often being available on script menu (until noticed) => potential security-hole / source of error.






    Add various AI_* options to make it possible to set or unset the preferences.


    It can be discussed which preferences are important / necessary.


    For example, if the UserName > Other field could be set via this method, it could be possible to provide each workstation with a customised Assisted Install file, so that the workplace UserName can be preset. This too would be great for our own use case!



    • Higher quality in the workplace
    • Indeed, an overall improved quality of workplace innovation platform experience - for  end-users, developers + admins (+ sales peeps).
    • FileMaker Client much easier to install-and-setup.
    • Admins can pre-set the settings to whatever THEY NEED. (The Workplace Experience can be tuned)
    • Important settings will not be forgotten (the RED arrows  in the dialogs)
    • For us it would be great to...
      • never have new fields accidentally appear on whatever layout is currently in view
      • never have a layout accidentally overwritten
      • never have FileMaker update-reminders on end-users workplaces (which neither the users nor our database solution can deal with)
      • never have our app fail because it is unable to install the plugins it needs
      • never have our app fail because users are unable to drag-drop (ID) text
      • never have a new (and potentially fatal) script accidentally appear in the scripts menu (we have NO scripts in the scripts menu)
      • never miss a debugging-opportunity because the advanced tools are not on, when a user calls for support.



    Use Cases

    • Installing FileMaker Clients on client workspaces - for use with a solution where end-users do no 'programming' and only support / developers
    • Providing Customers with a Prepared Assisted Install packet, for their (internal or external) Admins to use.
    • Adding a custom or patch field to a deployed solution (without breaking current layouts)
    • Adding a custom or patch script to a deployed solution (without accidentally making it accessible)
    • Working on - or just checking - a Layout remotely (without accidentally saving undesirable changes)
    • Multi-file Solutions that use Quit Application when closing in order to avoid infinite (or just long) closing-loops (for which the update function does not work and thus makes no sense)
    • Customer calls support with a (bug) situation that needs to be analysed or debugged (only possible when the advanced tools are available)



    Your ball!