Default Date Format

Idea created by hbecerra on Sep 22, 2018

    In the inspector there are a few nice "default date formating options" that change depending on the language ( its not the same the SHORT format in english or spanish).

    We always use independent of the language the format "23 sep 2018" ( DD mmm YYYY) and that format is not available by default, I mean "SHORT FORMAT" in the english version of FM is pretty close but when you open the same file in the spanish version it uses  4 letters plus a DOT in the name of the month : "23 Sept. 2018" that its not the intended format and obviously using two more characters and forcing the year to dissapear.

    So I have to go to CUSTOM every single time in every layout looking for the date fields that are using the SHORT format.



    The ability to SET a  permanent DEFAULT DATE Format (at least one) for the file, so its available just selecting the POP menu in the inspector, so you don't have to set it up in every single date field.