Change behaviour or add an option for scroll bars in PC's

Idea created by Fred(CH) on Sep 23, 2018
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    Since FileMaker PRO 16, it seem to be difficult to keep an optimal window size on PC's, because of the *smart* alternative display of scroll bars. In other words, the scroll bar is now only visible when needed and it disappear in other cases.


    But as you know, the display of the scroll bar is eating a bit of the Windows Content.


    So you have two possible results, both bad :

    • the object on the edges of your layout become hidden
    • your objects are unexpectidly moving when you set anchors to expand


    If i globally love the new windowing on Windows, I think this specific behaviour change regarding to scroll bars is clearly a BAD thing for the very good reasons i explained above.


    So we clearly need a fix for this; Here are some options FMI engineers could choose :

    • Systematic scroll bar display on Windows
    • Smart display "à la Mac" : the scroll bar are only displayed when you approach your mouse to the edges of the window and begin to scroll
    • An option at file level or layout level that allow you to handle this


    If i missed something, a magical option or a design trick, please post it here :

    How to keep an optimal window size on PC ?


    Thank you so much,