New script step: Set Script Debugger [On / Off]

Idea created by AndresLP on Oct 4, 2018

    Set Script Debugger [On]: when working on complex scripts, it would be useful if at any part of the script it could be specified that the script debugger must be open. This way if the developer forgets to manually open the script debugger window, the script itself would force the script debugger to open, and avoid executing a script that is  unfinished (in the worse case scenario, an infinite loop would require to force quit FM and may get the file corrupted).


    It would work similarly as when "Pause on error" is activated, that triggers the opening of the script debugger.


    Set Script Debugger [Off] would be useful in combination with Script Debugger [On], for automatically closing the script debugger in parts of the script that don't need to be debugged (now we can use Set Next Step and Set Breakpoint, but they don't achieve the same exact goal).


    This script step could only apply to full access privilege set accounts.