Data Migration Tool for iOS SDK

Idea created by amallo on Oct 19, 2018
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • Paul_Mellor
    • amallo
    • Brian Hamm
    • sfpx

    Could we get a version of the Data Migration Tool that runs in the iOS SDK?


    The issue is that uses accumulate data in their mobile apps (FM iOS SDK) and when there is an update from the app store the data (and accounts etc) needs to be transferred (100% reliably) to the update without loosing their data. This is the missing link compared to other apps that use MySql (etc) backends and seamlessly keep the user's data.


    I'm sure there are similar reasons to justify this need as there was for the desktop DMT version.


    A progress bar indicating progress would be acceptable if need be.


    It would have to check for disk space as I assume a temp file may also be involved.


    Maybe just certain tables could be predefined to swap across.