Add -limit [tablename,number] option to FmDataMigrationtool

Idea created by Menno on Oct 24, 2018
    • BeatriceBeaubien
    • Markus Schneider
    • Menno

    Table can get pretty large over time. One of my customer run an emergency-room and the receive about 75k issues a day (it is an automated system) and that adds up to 2.3M a month. The DB grows pretty large and the only need 30 days of history, anything older may be archived.


    So every month we reduce the DB and that take pretty much time:

    • create a clone
    • find last 30 days in the stand alone copy
    • import that (takes about 20 minutes)
    • close live db
    • find records that are not in new copy (2-4k record)
    • import those
    • replace live-db
    • activate live-db again (db was down for about 5 minutes)


    I expect that using FMDMT would do this import in less then 5 minutes when I could limit the number. Also the chance of mistakes will reduce  dramatically and I could write a system-level script to take care of this