"Dark" mode (via new script step to change theme)

Idea created by weetbicks on Oct 25, 2018

    So … Dark Mode….  achieving this in FileMaker.


    While the product may eventually have dark mode for the FileMaker level dialogs and so forth,  it does not help when it comes to developing solutions in a “Dark Mode”.


    SO what would be lovely would be a script step to change themes dynamically (ideally at a user level).   The script step would have options like to change the theme of the current layout (or all layouts) to a specified theme.  The step would have to operate at user session level so as to not affect other users preference.


    If we had this then we can easily develop 2 themes, a light and a dark, and allow the user to dynamically toggle between “modes”.  It would also allow us to save user preference and restore on startup of solution.  We could also coincide it with the OS level preference with a new Get function to tell us if user is using dark mode on the OS.




    Technically we can do it now but it requires a stupid amount of conditional formatting, or abstraction of all elements to fields/containers, sorry but it's a no go these days when we have themes. We just need the ability to change the them applied to layout(s) via a scriptable means.