Fields and Value Lists on the fly in layout mode

Idea created by user29536 on Oct 31, 2018

    I build a lot of form layouts for a large orthopedic group in CT (over 100 providers).  My file is called Forms Console, which some day I will go into great detail. It is actually really awesome on how it works.


    Anyway I receive forms the way the doctors want them in either Word format or PDF. Neither of which copy and paste cleanly in the layout. They always change format. So I build them from scratch all the time.


    My idea is, I think it would be really cool if you could right in the layout and add a new data field to the manage data without having to open the Manage Database. It would also be neat if you could add a new value list the same way with the ability to choose from the options of checkbox, radio button or drop down lit. (not a fan op the pop menu)


    I do not know of any other software that has this capability and think this would put FileMaker leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.



    Robert Schaub

    FileMaker Developer

    Now practicing in versions 13-17