Exclude from Found Set

Idea created by WillM.Baker on Nov 7, 2018

    Current Behavior

    Right+clicking on a field exposes some handy find short-cuts:

    • Find Matching Records

    • Constrain Found Set

    • Extend Found Set

    Each of these allows me to quickly modify the found set without entering find mode to specify a find request.


    I'd find it useful to add 'Exclude from Found Set' to that suite of right+click options. This would be the equivalent of:

    1. Copying that field's value to my clipboard
    2. Entering find mode
    3. Pasting that value into the field
    4. Omitting the find request
    5. Constraining the found set

    This would allow me to quickly omit sets of records from my found set, reducing the found set to just those records that are currently relevant.


    1. Right+click in the STATE field on the value "California".
    2. Select "Exclude from Found Set" contextual menu item.
    3. All records with STATE = "California" would be omitted from the found set.



    The three existing find options use a relaxed search. E.g., applying "Constrain Found Set" on the value "New" would also find "New York". Thus I would expect that applying "Exclude from Found Set" on the value "New" would also exclude "New York".