Insert Merge Field into text using field picker

Idea created by thibo.gommers on Nov 14, 2018

    a summary of your idea

    FileMaker 17 added the docked fields/object pane, which is a really compact and useful function.


    I propose to extend the functionality of the fields pane to allow us to insert fields from the pane directly into selected text.


    For example: we would enter a text field, double click a field in the 'Fields' pane and it would automatically insert the corresponding merge field version of that field after cursor position.


    Alternatively, expanding the 'drag' options at the bottom so that we can select a 'merge field' option, could also help (but wouldn't allow us to insert it directly into an existing text field).


    why this idea is important to you

    While I am aware that 'Insert - Merge Field' exists and it even has a separate hotkey, I still feel it is less usable than the 'Fields' pane added in FM17. Expanding on this great functionality and making it more usable does not only help seasoned developers perform their jobs faster, it also helps newer citizen developers get to know the different implementations and possibilities of fields. Unifying the design and making it more coherent has been a focus in both FM16 and FM17. This idea adds to that.