Perform Script By ScriptID

Idea created by eric on Nov 15, 2018
    • geoffwheatley
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • eric
    • Vincent_L
    • Markus Schneider

    Perform Script [By name] is a little too brittle for my liking.

    Can we get a Perform Script [By scriptID]?

    Perform Script [From list] probably already does this behind the scenes but doesn't allow us to enter the ID ourselves like the way we can with Go to Layout number by calculation...


    Of course this begs the question of how we find out what a script's ID is.

    One suggestion is to add it to the Manage Layout window.

    Another is to have a built-in table for all kinds of layout information.


    See Manage from Database Design Tables & Layouts (DDT & DDL)