Relationship graph autonomy

Idea created by Cécile on Nov 16, 2018
    • Cécile
    • Markus Schneider

    As a newbie, I consult other people's files and graph all the time. Although it is possible to work in several instances of FM, including the script space, the same is not possible for the graph.


    I often end up having to take a screen capture of one of the two file's graph to be able to see them side by side. which means that if I click on a relationship to see its details on the FM opened graph, I can't compare with that of the other file without having to loose my first file view. I waste so much time in my learning process just doing that back and forth dance. I have short term memory issues; not necessarily a common thing but for me, it means i need to compare things side by side.


    I understand that if the graph remains open while working on other layouts it could cause issues but it doesn't have to be active when any other window is. An option to have it refresh every times its window becomes active could solve that.


    Also, it would be very nice to have maximize, minimize and reduce icons.